Bicycles are magical.  They heal our communities as well as our bodies.  It doesn’t matter how fast or how far we go.   All we have to do is pedal.

But it’s hard to choose a bicycle for personal transportation in America.  Motorists with whom we share space are increasingly distracted.  Society often unintentionally marginalizes us.   Automobiles are a huge sector of our GDP and economy, and so there’s tremendous pressure to to be all car, all the time.

We want to change that.  Pedalfree advocates on behalf of bicycles as transportation, bicycles as medicine, bicycles as pure, unadulturated joy.  We believe that life is better when it’s productive and fun at the same time.  Bicycles are one way we can make that happen.

If you share our mission, we offer tools to help you get your message to your community. These include corporate talent acquisition, websites, social media campaigns and stock photography.   Industries served include:

  • Bicycle and gear manufacturers and service providers
  • Real estate and placemaking firms
  • Transportation planning organizations
  • Adventure travel groups

We also place professionals in cycling related industries.

Feel free to reach out if we can be of service.