My name is Bob Sharpe.  I’m a 57 year old former CPA/Financial Analyst/Website Developer/Sales professional/Recruiter.  I refer to these as my five careers.  I’ve managed to be relatively successful in all of them.   I’ve worked for clients from Connecticut to California and Minnesota to Texas.  I’ve seen and experienced a lot over the course of my career.

These days, I help people who want to fix what’s broken in their lives.  For many, it’s about finances.  For others, physical fitness and peace of mind.  It doesn’t matter because everything is connected.  The trick is to figure out what’s broken and then fix that one thing.  If you’re successful, most everything else will fall into place.

I work out of my home office in small town Iowa.   I ride a bike to most of the places most of my contemporaries drive cars.  My life is richer and more full today than it has ever been.  Though I’m not wealthy by any reasonable standard, I don’t worry about money at all.

It took awhile to find this place, but now that I have I’m not leaving.  I love it here and it’s right for me.  My goal is to help you find your right place, wherever it happens to be.  When you’re ready, reach out.  Let’s make it happen.