About Bob

I’m a lifelong cyclist who took a 20 year break before getting back on the bike in 2013.  Since then, I’ve cycled close to 50,000 miles.  That’s twice around the world for those of you who are counting.  I cycle just for fun, but also to get around.  I now prefer the bike to the car, throughout the long, cold Iowa winter.   It doesn’t matter what the weather is…I’m rolling.

Here I am on top of the Colorado National Monument.  I started down in the valley and climbed all the way to the top on a beautiful October morning in 2016.  The event was called the Tour of the Moon and I highly recommend it.  It was a real special day, but there have been others, too.   I’ve cycled through the heart of big cities like Denver, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Memphis, Minneapolis, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle as well as countless small towns from South Carolina to Washington state.  I’ve crossed many of America’s largest rivers including the Columbia, Mississippi, Missouri, Monongahela and Willamette.  I’ve done more than my share of big climbs and I’ve been blessed to see more of America than most people.  Best of all, I’ve seen it at a pace that has really allowed me to appreciate and savor what a special place it is.

These days, I ride just about every day.  I head out on rail trails and streets.  Some are paved.  Other’s aren’t.  In addition to my full time job as a corporate recruiter, I speak to civic groups about the magic of cycling and how it can improve people and place.

Organized Rides Completed

  • Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (204.8 miles, 1 day finisher) – July, 2018
  • Tour of the Moon, Grand Junction Colorado  (Longest Continuous Climb, 2,750 vertical feet)  – October, 2016
  • Omaha Jackrabbit (pending) – October 2018

Miles Ridden by Year

  • 2013 – 1,070
  • 2014 – 4,753
  • 2015 – 8,163
  • 2016 – 9,071
  • 2017 – 11,406
  • 2018 – 10,015 as of September 21


You can view my LinkedIn profile and resume here.