Pedalfree advocates on behalf of cycling as a transportation solution because we recognize that the simple act of choosing a bicycle can help us through all sorts of personal and societal challenges.  There’s virtually no other tool at our disposal that asks so little of us and gives us so much back.

If you’re an employer, for example, you’ll gain productivity and creativity from your team if you make it easy for them to cycle to and from work.  They’ll arrive wide awake and ready to go.   They’ll require less time off due to illness.   They’ll save you money on health insurance.  They’ll create a magical serendipity that will pay dividends in ways you can’t even imagine.

If you’re a professional, cycling will buy you time and money.  You can ditch that gym membership because you’re working out on the way to and from work.  Doctors appointments will largely become a thing of the past.  You can trade that big old two car garage for something that puts a little more money in your pocket.


Simply put, we advocate for cycling because everybody wins when we choose to cycle.  We believe the process works best if everybody’s on board.  By everybody, we mean employers and employees, but also city and town officials, educators, the young, the elderly and everyone in between.

So what does it look like?  That’s for you to decide.   In some communities it might mean new infrastructure.  In others, lower speed limits.  In others still, no changes at all would be required.  It’s a matter of education and respect more than anything else.  We’re all free to make our own choices and we should never use our preferred vehicle to punish someone else for their choice.

We all want to live in safe, vibrant communities.  Pedalfree will continue to push for a built environment that supports the decision of companies and their stakeholders to choose cycling.  Now is the time.  The 1950s road model that dominates the conversation and landscape is no longer sustainable.  Now is the time to look ahead and build better.

If you’re interested in learning how you can integrate cycling into your community, organization or life without turning a single shovel of dirt, let me know.  It’s easier than you might believe.