Bicycling Magazine just published their annual list of the best companies for cyclists in the USA.  This is a list of the best fo the best…companies that reward those of us who arrive on two wheels.  Here’s a spreadsheet of the results showing location and industry.  You can read the article and learn a little more about the companies here.

The results were interesting.  Maybe not surprisingly, California ran away with the state level competition.  On a regional level, the Midwest did surprisingly well.  What was interesting to me was some of the states that weren’t represented.   Oregon comes to mind.   Here’s the regional tally:

  • Pacific – 12
  • Midwest – 7
  • South – 3
  • Rocky Mountain – 2
  • Northeast – 1

On an industry basis, IT (both hardware and software) was over-represented.   The food and beverage industry had three entries including the number one company, Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing.  My biggest surprise?  Goodyear Tire and Rubber.   I tend to think of them as old school and automobile based.

Hiring cyclists is smart for business as bicycling leads to reduced healthcare costs combined with increased productivity and creativity.

My mission at Pedalfree LLC is to help match everyday cyclists with companies who value what we bring to the table.  As a result, I’m actively pursuing professional relationships with most of the companies on this list.  Over the coming months, I’ll be profiling each of these companies here in more detail,  In the meantime, please reach out to me directly if I may be of service.

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