The Most Bicycle Friendly Town

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I went to lunch yesterday with two community leaders here in Jefferson.  One’s a cyclist.  The other isn’t.  The one who isn’t asked me a simple question. What would we need to do to make Jefferson the most bicycle friendly town in Iowa? Wow.  Good question.   He’s genuinely interested because he sees bicycle and pedestrian […]

Scooter Wars

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Call it the invasion of the electric scooters.  Officials in city after city are wrestling with the lightweight, alternative transportation devices, most of which have been dumped on their streets in the last couple of weeks by companies with names like “Bird” and “Lime.” I have to hand it to these companies.  They didn’t go […]

Mississippi Crossing: Quad Cities

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It has been a goal of mine for some time now to cross the Mississippi River by bicycle and I finally had the chance to do it this past Saturday.  I was driving back to Iowa from a series of business meetings in Indianapolis.   I try to drive on business instead of flying so that […]