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Top 4 Benefits Of Custom Bikes

Riding a bike is a great way to get fit and it also provides you with a way to get to work and get to the places you need to go. Cycling is good for the environment as well. You won’t be buying gasoline or paying to maintain your car. No more insurance or registration fees either, as Ride Cycling Ireland outlines below.

Riding a bike to work or for pleasure is affordable and it allows you to get to where you need to go with ease. A bike is an investment and if you are planning on making cycling part of your lifestyle you might want to consider investing in a custom bike. A custom bike allows you to get the perfect bike for your needs which ensures that you will keep riding it.

Get The Perfect Fit

One of the main benefits of custom bikes is that they are perfectly fitted to your body. The bike will feel much more comfortable since it has been fitted. An off the rack bike just isn’t going to be as comfortable because it won’t be fitted.

When your bike is fitted you end up with the right distance from your feet to the petals, from your hands to handlebars, and your body will perfectly fit the frame. The bike will feel more like an extension of your body. The difference this makes is huge.

You will end up with a frame that is the right weight for your body as well. There are lots of frame options. The lightest frames are made out of aluminium. If you want high-tech frame you can invest in a carbon or titanium frame. The most affordable options are steel frames, though they tend to weigh more. A thin person will probably fit better on an aluminium frame rather than a steel frame since they are so much lighter.

Get The Extras You Want

If you are planning on commuting to work on your bike or taking lots of trips you might want some extras with your bike like a special bike rack, a GPS system, mirrors, saddlebags and more. Customizing your bike allows you to get all of the features that you really want and the bike truly becomes your own.

Express Your Personality

A custom bike allows you to express your personality more. You can choose the colour of the bike and you can also choose a special paint job if you want. Every aspect of the bike can be customized including the seat, handles, fenders and more. There are so many fun ways to customize your bike and the only limit is your imagination.

Enjoy Riding More Often

When you customize your bike it will be a lot easier to enjoy the ride since your bike will feel like an extension of your body instead of something you are trying to fight against. The bike is going to feel much more comfortable and this means you will want to ride it more.

When you have a frame that is the right fit for your body it is so much easier to enjoy time on your bike. Taking the extra time and spending the extra money to customize your bike is a great investment in your health. Riding a bike keeps you healthy and it saves you money.

Custom bikes give you the perfect fit and you get the style and features you need. While it costs a little bit more to customize your bike, the end result is worth it because you end up with a bike that fits your body perfectly and has everything you need to keep you happy on the road.