I like taking pictures while cycling. I thought it might be fun to share my favorites from each month of 2017. Here goes.

Sunday January 21, 2017 – We’d just endured close to a month of epic snow and it just kept coming. I think we’d received about 8-10″ on Ogden’s East Bench when I caught up with these guys.

Surreal morning on the Bench.

Saturday February 4, 2017 – The snow piles up fast in northern Utah’s valleys but it melts just as quickly.  By early February, I was out on the roads.   This was one of my favorite routes, just south of Ogden in the town of Uintah.

Wasatch Range, Uintah Utah

Sunday March 12, 2017 – March has always been a good month to shake off winter and let ‘er rip and this March was no exception.  I squeezed in just over 1,000 miles, thanks in part to this century ride to Salt Lake City.

Legacy Parkway Trail, Farmington, UT

Saturday April 1, 2017 – Spring has sprung and in spite of epic snowfall earlier in the year, the trails were dry high above Ogden.

Above 29th Street, Ogden Utah

Monday May 1, 2017 – OK, technically this was taken the previous day on our move to Iowa, but I’m calling it my May picture just because riding the high gravel plains of the Nebraska panhandle is one of my favorite things to do any time of year!

Somewhere out around Sidney Nebraska.

Saturday June 17, 2017 – I’m somewhere around Dawson Iowa and I’m hungry and thirsty.  I’m in the Baccoon Ride, an organized RAGBRAI tune up.  I was expecting aid stations but there were none so I was nursing my one water bottle (over 72 miles) and having a little lunch on the go.

These are very good. I highly recommend them.

Sunday July 23, 2017 –  Since moving to Jefferson earlier this month, I found that I really like taking a lap around the courthouse/bell tower square.  I manage to work it into most of my rides.

Jefferson Iowa

Thursday August 31, 2017 – I started venturing out on gravel more and more by this time and found that I (a) usually had the word all to myself (aka My Own Private Iowa) and (b) I really liked it.

Sunrise in Jamaica…no, not that one….Jamaica Iowa…the other Jamaica.

Wednesday September 6, 2017 – Des Moines has been a real pleasant surprise.  It’s an easy city to bike in and I can get there from Jefferson via the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

Brand spanking new protected bike lanes, East Village.

Sunday October 22, 2017 – I probably ride to the library more than just about any other destination, so I was pretty excited when someone placed a little library along the Raccoon River Valley Trail just south of the Greene-Guthrie county line.

Bikes and books…an unbeatable combination.

Saturday November 11, 2017 – We were traveling to Arizona and spent the night in Las Vegas New Mexico.  If you’ve seen No Country for Old Men, this is the hotel where Anton Chigurh delivered Carson Wells to his maker.   It was a real treat to stay here and the sunrise ride around Las Vegas was surreal.

Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas New Mexico

And last, but not least, Tuesday December 19, 2017 – The snow and cold temps are here now, but they took their time so much of December was snow free and beautiful.

Raccoon River Valley Trail south of Winkleman’s. I’m trying to beat the sun home.

Do you have favorite pictures of your rides from 2017?  If so, send them and I’ll share them here.  Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2018 the best year ever on the bike!

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