I’ve started a page of resources including links to places I’ve ridden and with which I’m familiar.   Please reach out if you have any questions.  I might be able to fill in the blanks.

Bicycle Resources

Bcycle Des Moines – Des Moines Iowa bikeshare system

Bike Law by State









North Dakota


South Dakota


Rail Trails and Trail Networks

Raccoon River Valley Trail – this is my home town trail and I ride it just about every day.  It’s one of the longest completely paved trails in the US and consists of a 71 mile loop with a 13 mile spur to Jefferson.  If you’re creative,  you can squeeze a century out of it without ever getting on a street.  It  connects with the Clive Greenbelt for those who want to go further.  Usage requires a trail pass.  Visit the website and get an annual pass for $25.  You’ll be supporting a great trail.

Central Iowa Trails – These folks specialize in off road cycling within an hour of Des Moines.  Their site includes trail maps, current trail conditions and more.


University Extension Services

Iowa State University Extension – this site is mostly about agricultural issues, but there is a community development section that touches on active transportation.

Michigan State University Extension – one of the best extension sites in the nation with loads of information on livable communities, homegrown food and  economic development.