Tour of the Moon, Colorado National Monument, October 2016

Since coming up with the idea of Pedalfree in 2015, I’ve struggled to define what it is or should be.   I’ve always known what I want to do, which is to help people choose a bicycle or a good pair of shoes instead of a car for short trips and lock in all the benefits that come with that decision.  Where I’ve struggled is in turning that into a business that resonates with people.  It has been a two year struggle.

So I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry about it any longer.  I’m through struggling with it.  Pedalfree isn’t a company.  It’s just me, Bob Sharpe.  I’m closing in on 60 years of age, but thanks to my bicycle and the habit of riding every day, I have more energy now than I did when I was 30.  I’m also calmer, more focused on service than personal advancement and dirt cheap when it comes right down to it.  I  want to share my knowledge and experience with people to help them live better by moving better.  I know that active people are more creative and more productive than their sedentary peers, all things being equal.   There’s value in creating such a culture wherever you happen to be.  If you agree, we need to talk.

I bring a lot to the table.  I have 40 years of professional experience that includes finance, sales, marketing, technology and more.  I have international experience.   I’m a good speaker and can sell vision and ideas.  Speaking candidly, I’ve sold myself short for most of my professional life.  Like a lot of us, I think, I’ve questioned my value.  I’m not going to do that any longer.  I know what I’m worth.  I know how much I care.  If you or your organization has a desire to improve through active transportation, I can help.  More importantly, I want to help.

How can I help you?  Well, if your vision aligns with mine, I can sell it to stakeholders, employees, investors or whomever else you need to bring on board.  I can teach you and your people how to cycle safely in a variety of traffic situations.  I can write or offer other content for your print or online project.  I can manage that project.  I can find you the talent you need to grow.

So that’s my story.  I’m more committed to this than ever.  If you’re interested in how creating an active culture can benefit your people, your company, your community and your bottom line, let’s talk.