I am available to speak to your company, group,  civic organization about cycling and how it improves both people and communities.  Speaking engagements can take many forms from lunch time introductions to round tables, town halls and keynote addresses.  My primary focus is on the following topics:

  • The Magic of Cycling – Bicycling has the power to change people, organizations and communities. We’ll talk about how the simple act of parking the car and choosing two wheels heals everything.
  • Becoming Bike 5 – Over 70% of all car trips in the United States are five miles or less in length. When you choose to take these trips by bicycle instead, all sorts of wonderful serendipity occurs.  In this short presentation, I take you through my transition to a vehicular cyclist and share with  you how I became “Bike 5.”
  • Safe Routes to School – Childhood obesity is the result of societal norms that discourage movement. Communities that commit to helping children get to school safely on foot reap the benefits.
  • Vision Zero: 30,000 Deaths is 30,000 Too Many – More people will die in motor vehicle crashes than from gun violence in the United States this year. “Car”nage is America’s greatest unaddressed public health problem. We can fix it…if we want to.

I’ve spoken before groups both large and small for many years and bring a passion for the subject that is sure to inspire your group.  Please reach out for more information.