The competition for talent has never been more intense.   Human capital has replaced financial capital as the most important component of success in today’s world.  Attract and retain the right talent and your firm will thrive.  Drop the ball and you’ll struggle.

I work with organizations to fill roles in Information Technology, Operations and Support.  My focus is on long term success, both for your company and the talent it attracts.  I work with one of the most diverse talent pools you’re ever likely to connect with.  The glue that holds it all together is physical activity.  The people I work with are alive and have a real zest for life, whether it’s climbing slickrock in the Desert Southwest or navigating traffic on a Townie to get to work on time…every day…whatever the weather.

I offer a flat fee recruiting model so you know what your cost is going to be upfront.  You only pay when I’m successful.  I’m a savvy user of technology, and thaat means I am able to pass significant savings on to you as a result.  If you’d like to know more, please contact me directly for a rate sheet, sample agreement and other  additional information .