14469680_1130124510414356_6610101295725908207_nI’ve always loved the simple efficiency of bicycles.   I think they’re an engineering marvel.  I know of no other machine or device that asks so little of us and delivers so much in return.

Even so, I didn’t realize just how transformational bicycles could be until I saw a Danish documentary about Bogotá Colombia, a city of eight million people where two visionary mayors integrated bicycles into a plan to heal the city.

Not long after viewing “Bogotá Change”, I got my old bicycle out and started cycling again for the first time in many years.  As the days turned into months, I was transformed.  I lost weight and discovered this incredible reservoir of energy I didn’t know still existed.  All of the sudden, anything was possible.  It was another chance.  It was a “do-over.”

That’s where the vision for Pedalfree was born.  We’re not so much about bicycles as we are about identifying simple tools to transform people, organizations and communities and then implementing those tools to become better.  The bicycle is our touchstone.  Our focus is on matching world class talent to the very best organizations and vice versa.

Why?  Because when talent and the organization click, serendipity results, and that can literally change the world.